Posture Physio Private sessions

Jo is a skilled Physiotherapist with specialist knowledge of biomechanics, injury, and exercise.

She has hands on Physiotherapy treatment skills and Pilates.

All provided in a unique private studio environment to help you get the most out of the session.

This can prove invaluable as we can assess you individually and teach you the basics of Pilates.
You will receive individual care and treatment including specific exercise and advice for you to take away.

Jo Fleming eats, sleeps and breathes Physiotherapy and Pilates.

The two combined are an effective combination at addressing longterm or ongoing issues such as lower back pain, hypermobility, postural headaches, osteoporosis, recovering following an injury or surgery.

Jo adores helping people to change their posture and strengthen stability muscles

so they can be their best possible self and protect themselves from future pain or issues.

Jo regularly helps a huge variety of people with a wide array of issues - nothing is too big or too small.

Jo can assist you if you are struggling with aches and pains, training for a marathon or have a longterm condition that needs stabilised and managed.

Jo bases appointments around classes and school times so she has appointments listed on the live diary that you can select. If you need to talk about any issues or need an alternative time option then do get in touch as we can be flexible with more times available