Physio Led Pilates 

We are expert Pilates instructors

Physiotherapists are experts in diagnosis and injury recovery and prevention. We are highly trained to adapt exercises to ensure you recieve the optimum work out whatever the issue!

Some people come to us who have been doing the wrong technique in classes for years without knowing. Or been too fearful to return to exercise after an injury. 

We ensure technique focused classes that get to know you and your body as an individual. 

We have a flexible booking system including swaps to help you get the most out of your booking !

Our Studios

Our studios are light airy warm and comfortable spaces that allow you to relax and focus on your mind and body.

The Didsbury Studio is a white light space on the quiet cobbled side street of Didsbury Village centre.

There is a beautiful purpose build garden studio in Heaton Moor.


We still do lots of Zoom pilates classes as well.....some people find they enjoy the Zoom lesson just the same but with the convenience of staying at home. This is helpful for if you go away on holiday! self isolating, carers, people who can't make it to class on time but don't want to miss out altogether....

Some people prefer not to mix yet for lots of reasons ...all are fine

Zoom Pilates | Pilates livestream | Video On Demand

Core Benefits

Pilates as rehabilitation

Our classes are warm and inviting, personal and friendly - no one is a stranger!

We help you to understand your body,

learn about the muscles and how to engage your core.

We help you perform the correct level of exercise to get the most from Pilates and prevent injury.

We care about how you feel. As Physios, we have expert knowledge of low back pain and other regular problems that we see on a regular basis -to give you good advice, correction or modifications to help you be confident in your recovery process.

We like to ensure you are comfortable in class and we are experienced teachers helping you to use good technique and understand the pilates method and challenge yourself to achieve maximum fitness in our classes.

Some of our customers have been with us from the start and are still enjoying Pilates and our classes after ten years! 

Some of our customers feel starting Pilates stopped them from needing spinal surgery and it was life changing for them to feel safe to move again and understand their body better.

Some of our customers trust us when they have just recovered from large operations such as full hysterectomy or when they are recovering from cancer.

Don't let fear prevent you from improving, call Jo on 07547 672 760

Pilates Physio One to one 


Pilates Physio One to Two


A one to one with a Physiotherapist can prove invaluable as we can assess you individually and help you get to grips with Pilates and teach you the basics.

Jo Fleming eats, sleeps and breathes Physiotherapy and Pilates and the two combined are a dream! Jo adores helping people to change their posture and strengthen stability muscles so they can be their best possible self. 

Jo can assist you if you are struggling with aches and pains, or training for a marathon. Jo regularly helps musicians and can help anyone with demanding working postures to improve. (Sessions are one hour long)

One to One Pilates - Posture Assessment