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Physio Led Pilates 

We are expert Pilates instructors

Physiotherapists are experts in diagnosis and injury recovery and prevention. We are highly trained to adapt exercises to ensure you recieve the optimum work out whatever the issue!

Some people come to us who have been doing the wrong technique in classes for years without knowing. Or been too fearful to return to exercise after an injury. 

We ensure technique focused classes that get to know you and your body as an individual. 

We have a flexible booking system including swaps to help you get the most out of your booking !

Our Studios

Our studios are light airy warm and comfortable spaces that allow you to relax and focus on your mind and body.

The Didsbury Studio is a white light space on the quiet cobbled side street of Didsbury Village centre.

There is a beautiful purpose build garden studio in Heaton Moor.

Core Benefits

Our Customers Choose Us…

And return to us because, we care.

We care about how you engage your core and whether you are performing the correct level of exercise to get the most from Pilates.

We care about how you feel. We have expert knowledge of low back pain and other regular problems that we see on a regular basis, to help you be confident in your recovery process.

We like to ensure you are comfortable in class and we are experienced teachers helping you to use good technique and understand the pilates method.

Because we pay attention to details !


Really good class. You were shown and corrected by the teacher, and some don't do that. Very good for stiff hips bums and backs.....

Mary C

Nice clear teaching and a pace which gives me time to really 'feel into' what the exercise is doing, music that supports and is not intrusive. I also like it that this is not 'one size fits all', there are options and alternatives and it's up to me ( with a few quiet words of advice sometimes) to decide what feels right at that particular time.