Jo Fleming Rebalance Pilates Didsbury Pilates Studio

Pilates instructor and Director of Rebalance

Jo Fleming is a Physiotherapist who lives and breathes Pilates and postural health.Jo is a sports physio who loves the prehab and rehab potential of Pilates

When Jo isn't teaching Pilates she can be found up a ladder cladding her eco self build!


Pilates instructor

Katie Stable is a Physiotherapist who specialises in Rhematology and joint conditions. 

Katie has been teaching for Rebalance for years. She is an ex-national swimmer and enjoys gardening and keeping fit!


Pilates instructor

Sarah Keogh is a Physiotherapist who specialises in musculoskeletal conditions. 

Sarah loves incorporating balance and propriocetive exercises into her Pilates and she's an imaginative teacher with lots of experience


Sarah Nutt Rebalance Pilates Didisbury Studio Pilates

Pilates instructor

Sarah Nutt is Physiotherapist specialising in spinal conditions and shoulders.

She combines the love of long distance running and charity fundraising- go Sarah!

Pilates as rehabilitation

Our classes are warm and inviting, personal and friendly - no one is a stranger!

We help you to understand your body,

learn about the muscles and how to engage your core.

We help you perform the correct level of exercise to get the most from Pilates and prevent injury.

We care about how you feel. As Physios, we have expert knowledge of low back pain and other regular problems that we see on a regular basis -to give you good advice, correction or modifications to help you be confident in your recovery process.

We like to ensure you are comfortable in class and we are experienced teachers helping you to use good technique and understand the pilates method and challenge yourself to achieve maximum fitness in our classes.

Some of our customers have been with us from the start and are still enjoying Pilates and our classes after ten years! 

Some of our customers feel starting Pilates stopped them from needing spinal surgery and it was life changing for them to feel safe to move again and understand their body better.

Some of our customers trust us when they have just recovered from large operations such as full hysterectomy or when they are recovering from cancer.

Don't let fear prevent you from improving, call Jo on 07547 672 760

Our Bookings

Our booking software will help you make an online booking and manage your classes. 

We book classes online in advance as we have limited spaces. You can book as you go along or in block bookings as suits you. The booking is flexible, if you cancel with enough notice then you can swap to another class instead if needed.