Pilates On-Demand

These classes are suitable for beginners, through to advanced levels - use the above levels to select your playlist.

We will help you to grow in confidence and learn to stabilise and strengthen your body. Your posture should improve and you will learn the key elements of Pilates. There are lots of points to Pilates so it will take several weeks to get the hang of it, take you time and enjoy the journey.

Jo Fleming is a Physiotherapist who teaches the classes. We want you to understand and find Pilates easy to learn, and follow. The classes are well described with extra pointers so that you can feel what we are asking you to do...

We have many videos arranged in playlists for ease of access, Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced. Use the levels below and confirm your selection. You can search all our videos including equipment and other styles via the play lists. Such as Ballet flow. Pick which ones you like and unlock the class with a pass or subscription.

Please be patient as this library of videos below can take time to load as we

have over 100 videos to view...


We offer pre-recorded classes, Pilates On-demand so you exercise when it suits you best...you can subscribe for £12.99 per month or use our passes to unlock the classes and get started.