We hope you find our BSport system easy to use to book your classes.Any problems that you encouter can be easily rectified.

Please contact Jo Fleming for any further enquiries or assisitance

Q.      How to book at class online?

We use the BSport booking software to schedule and book the classes, they are all prepaid with a set number of spaces

  • Explore our calendar on the home page and click on a class that is suitable for you
  • Find the class that you'd like to attend and click 'sign up' on the desired class date and time, location.
  • Select the date that you'd like to attend by using the calendar. You can select one, six or ten dates.
  • Then click 'book' and pay online to complete the booking.
  • To view your booking click your email address in the top right and click on profile to review bookings

Q. Can I drop in to a single session?

Please do, but please prebook online first and pay for a single session as we have a set number in class

Q. How can I see my booked classes?

You can login to the booking site and go to profile by selecting it from the menu on the left or clicking you email address on the top right hand side to view profile. This will show your classes that you are booked into, from here, you can, early cancel or late cancel a class if needed.

Q. How do I swap my class to another one?

As long as you can give 24 hours or more notice classes can be cancelled and moved to your convenience.

  • Access your 'my bookings' as described above through 'profile' and identify the class you wish to cancel and rebook.
  • You can 'early cancel' with 48 hours (or more) notice to gain a swap session.
  • If you 'early cancel' the session is available to be used again, so return to the calender by clicking on a class highlight or the green services button in the top right hand corner of the page, calendar is visible here.
  • Now find the new date and time you require within the expiry of your booking period and 'sign up'
  • If the new date is within the expiry date of the payment pack and it will show available as class credit and you can create a another booking. If the session is too far into the future for a credit be valid, then the system will request payment.

Q. How do I get on the class if it is already showing as full?

You can 'waitlist' for a class so if someone cancels you can gain the new space. A class showing 12/12 booked will allow you to click 'sign up' and 'waitlist' for the class. If a space does come up you will be notified by email and you can come along. The class will only then be charged so please have credit to pay for the session in your account.

Please ensure you have allowed autoemail notifications on your profile or you may not recieve the notice.

Q. I never recieve cancellations, notifications or reminders?

Please ensure that you have agreed and ticked to recieve schedule changes and notification emails in your account profile section. If there is ever a schedule change, we send out emails, and if we need to urgently cancel due to staff sickness the inbox in the quickest most efficient way we can let you know!

Q. How do I know what spare or un-used sessions I have remaining in my account?

Go to 'profile' and view 'my passes' and they will be listed with available credits

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